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Investing in Downtown Princeton, Indiana


Contrary to common misconceptions, Downtown Princeton, Inc. is a non-profit organization. This means, all expenses that promote the historic district of a three-block radius surrounding the Gibson County Courthouse is funded by: profit from events, grants and annual sponsorships. Our growth and projects are highly influenced by support.

By making a commitment to Downtown Princeton, Inc., you're understanding the value that DPI brings to the city of Princeton + surrounding areas and aware of what it would be like without this organization and it's contributors.

You can find our current list of annual investors with the link provided below:

You do not need to own a business or manage a corporation in order to invest in your historic district. Individuals and families are encouraged to get involved with our organization.

Downtown Princeton, Inc. seeks to make our historic district the ideal place for community members and tourists to work, visit, live and love.

Other ways to contribute -

Downtown Merchant / Visiting Vendor Association:

This is a perfect way to connect with Downtown Princeton, stay in, "the know", and network with numerous other local businesses and services. This program is something DPI has been hoping to put back into action over the last few years. With your help, we can grow a group of businesses who desires to grow individually and as a historic district.

How to get started:

$50 annually due to Downtown Princeton, Inc.

This can be mailed to


127 N. Hart Street

Princeton, Indiana 47670

Please attach your business card and contact information!

What you get out of it:

- Logo & link on DPI website merchant / vendor tab

- FREE advertising & promotion

- Updates & inclusion on all of our yearly events

- Quarterly meetings & networking opportunities starting January 2023

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