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Downtown Merchant Association 

Why would I want to be apart of this?

Well, it's simple! Being a part of Downtown Princeton, Inc.'s programs keeps you connected with us and other businesses/services within your district. Being a good community member, it is vital to network and have strong relationships with those around you. Your support to our organization is greatly appreciated. 

Some of the things we promise you will benefit from:

- updates on Downtown Princeton, Inc. projects

- resources for grants and/or programs

- ways to get involved

- special guests/influential speakers

- cohesive event and seasonal decorating planning

- networking opportunities

- free advertising via website, social media, events and inclusion with DPI promo videos

* You do not have to have a brick and mortar at this time. If your services are offered downtown or your business is managed out of the downtown co-working space, we still encourage you to join. 

2024 Members:

​- Susan Bobe's Pizza

101 W. Broadway Street, Downtown Princeton

2024 Meeting Dates (for members only):

- Monday, February 5th 10:00am 

- Monday, March 25th 10:00am 

- Monday, May 6th 10:00am

- Monday, July 1st 10:00am 

- Monday, August 10:00am 

- Monday, October 7th 10:00am

- Monday, December 2nd 10:00am 

How to join:

Send in $50 annual dues made payable to: Downtown Princeton, Inc.


Downtown Princeton, Inc.

127 N. Hart Street

Princeton, IN. 47670

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