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Southern Indiana Art Showcase

Join us on Friday, September 6th, 2024 for an evening in Downtown Princeton, Indiana at our Historic Theater. View 100 Indiana artists' work with 20 different genres. Some artwork will be available for purchase, depending on artist.

Additionally, we will have a free charcuterie board, mocktail bar and photo-op station.

Admission to event is $2 cash only.

Address: 301 W. Broadway Street Princeton, Indiana


Photographer / Artist Submission Information

-Counties eligible for submissions:

-Each submission is $5. There is no submission limit for each artist. You can submit your entry by mailing in a 4x6 image with category and county written on the back and a check made payable to: Downtown Princeton, Inc. Please send in your contact information with your submission(s). You will be emailed whenever your submission is received.



127 N. Hart Street

Princeton, IN. 47670

-There are 20 categories and 5 submissions from each category will be selected to be displayed at the art showcase. Selections will be announced Friday, August 2nd.

-If chosen for the art showcase, submission needs to be printed (size: 11x14) and framed or sealed in clear wrapping for display. Please attach your name/business name/phone number to the back. These must be mailed or dropped off before Thursday, August 29th.

-All submissions can be sold at event if you choose. Price is up to artist. Downtown Princeton, Inc. asks for a 10% commission from each piece sold. You can take your art home with you night of event OR pick up will be 9th from 9:00am - 4:00pm at 127 N. Hart Street (The Hub).

-Lots of different awards will be given out at the event. Please be sure to attend if you have a submission that get's selected to receive your award.



-Landscape: Scenic or environmental | Skies, waters, tree lines, etc.

-Impact: An image that has the ability to move someone to their core or serve as an inspiration to others.

-Architecture: Cityscapes and other details of the interior or exterior of buildings.

-Fashion: It's all about the posing, shoes, clothes and accessories.

-Back & White: Lack of saturation. This is a broad category - but anything goes!

-Fantasy: Includes surreal or fictional elements to create an image.

-Editorial: These images are typically seen along side a publication. The image helps tell a story, creating a tone or mood.

-Nature/Wildlife: Creatures in their natural habitats, florals, etc.

-Travel: Scenic views or making someone feel connected and aware of how another culture lives.

-Automotive: Capturing the best details and features of a vehicle.

-Composite: Using two or more images to create a new image.

-Aerial/Drone: Higher-altitude images.

-Fine Art: Intended to display | The intentional use of using an image to tell a story.

-Golden Hour: Images taken within the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset.

-Maternity: An images (or series) of someone during pregnancy.

-Pet: Dogs, cats, fish - anything goes! Show us your critters personality through the image.

-Portrait: Showing the character of a subject - to capture the person's personality and emotion.

-Sports: Running, jumping, tackling, throwing - You name it!

-Silhouette: "A solid, dark image of a subject against a brighter background".

-Agriculture: Showcasing harvesting crops, farm animals, etc. This should be easy for us Indiana artists!


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